Eonly 9780062466105 CoverWelcome.  Feel free to roam around this site.  Check out my biography in “About GMK” for more on me (I’m a full professor of English at Smith College, married, shoe size 7, but you’ll find more there), or, if you’re a budding writer, take a look at the mini-articles under “WRITING.”  The cover of my new work, The Book of Forbidden Wisdom (HarperCollins ebook, March 8, 2016; print, April, 2016) is at the left here.  I’m really pleased with with the way that this cover portrays the almost supernatural power found in books and in the act of reading.  The art on my debut post-apocalyptic novel, The Garden of Darkness (Ravenstone, 2014) is also evocative (it has the book’s characters on the cover, along with their dog, named Bear, and a ruined city)—check the cover out under The Garden of Darkness on the website’s menu.  Enjoy yourself.  Browse.  Then, if you haven’t already done it, get a copy of The Book of Forbidden Wisdom and a copy, too, of The Garden of Darkness.  Sit down for a good read.  Enjoy.